MapleTasks is a modern, easy to use project and task management solution.

Why MapleTasks?

Free to get started!

With MapleTasks, you can create an account for free. With a free account, you have access to all single-user features and can join others' collaborative projects. Affordable plans are available if you wish to create your own collaborative projects. Sign up or sign in today.

Getting Started

Simple Collaboration

MapleTasks has intuitive collaboration functionality that can increase your team's productivity. Easily assign permissions and add collaborators.

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Feature Packed

Whether you are a power user, a student, or just someone who wants to add a little organization to your life, MapleTasks has many features that can make task and project management easier.

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Flexible Organization Strategies

Adapt MapleTasks to your needs. Take a look at some example organization strategies to see what can work for you. Learn how easy it is to leverage MapleTasks to stay organized.

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Developer API

MapleTasks has a rich REST API that allows developers to make their own third-party, MapleTasks compatible applications.

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