Find answers to common questions that may arise.

Feature Requests

We love getting new ideas! If you have an idea for a new features, we have a quick and easy process for you to submit it to us:
  1. Login to your MapleTasks account
  2. Go to Help and Support by clicking the “More” menu in the top bar
  3. Click the “New Help Ticket” button
  4. Select “Feature Request” as the category
  5. Enter your idea in the text box
  6. Create the ticket

Locked/Inactive Account

When trying to login to your account there is an error message stating that your account is inactive. There are a few different reasons for why you may be unable to login to your account:
Fraudulent activity
We may have detected fraudulent activity with your account
There have been several inappropriate or offensive comments / store page image uploads / help tickets
We want MapleTasks to be a great project and task management solution while keeping our users' accounts secure. If you believe that none of these reasons are applicable to your situation, please contact us.

Unable to Register

If our servers are experiencing prolonged, heavy load, we may temporarily disable the registration process until we are able to rectify the issue. This ensures that we can provide a fast, high-quality experience for our users.