Introducing MapleTasks

by MapleTasks Development Team on March 17, 2015

We would like to introduce MapleTasks! Modern, easy to use project and task management. Life is full of things to keep track of. Become more productive by using MapleTasks to remove this burden. MapleTasks makes it easy to manage your projects and tasks across all your devices. Rich organization capabilities make looking for tasks a breeze.

State of MapleTasks

MapleTasks is currently a complete system allowing you to manage your projects and tasks. We have a lovely cross-platform web client that can be accessed from anywhere along with a Mac application that allows you to quickly create and view tasks. Also available is a REST API that allows third-party developers to create their own applications that can communicate with MapleTasks.

Going Forward

There are many more features and refinements that we would love to add to MapleTasks, including different project types, time-decaying tasks, and repeating tasks. Different project types could allow for better integration of multi-step workflows, especially for collaborative projects. You can expect to see these features appear over the coming months.

We hope you MapleTasks can make you more productive!

MapleTasks Development Team